Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photo Post - Found the Camera

Here are a few backlogged pictures.  Hope they give a little sense of the place.

Sunset from our boat.

A couple of locals along the waterfront walk - the Malecon.

Tamsyn and Griffyn onboard Madrona.

Carrie in her kitchen...

Tamsyn in her fronds.

Griffyn with his spikes.

And last of all - our boat's interior layout.  Hope you've enjoyed.  Later.


Jennifer Johnson said...

Yay! Pictures! It's so nice to see you guys down there. You look happy. I'll show the kids tomorrow.

caddy said...

Owen, Carrie, Tamsyn and Griffyn,
Great to see you guys on the boat. Am getting a much better sense of how things might work. The pictures look inviting from the 50 inches of snow we have. Love hearing how things are going and getting the pictures. Looking forward to more.